What sports clothes are a must for urban chic style?

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with different looks : walk down the street wearing a jacket over size or sports hats is amply justified, just the cold. Here are some tips on how to best enhance sportswear and definitively embrace urban chic style .

What are the best combinations with sports garments?
The urban chic style that enhances sportswear has been revived by the most famous influencers and international top models who have begun to walk the catwalk all over the world wearing sweatpants combined with vintage hooded sweatshirts. But why have sports clothes become elegant ? Simple, they allow everyone to feel at ease, at any time of the day and for every appointment, whether it be an office look or an aperitif with friends.

However, there are some basic rules to follow to avoid making style mistakes. Here are the main ones:

combining a sporty dress with elegant garments allows you to create an unprecedented harmony of style;

sporting yes, but without exaggerating, we must not forget that the ultimate goal is to be chic, so everything has to be highly sought after;
using your imagination to combine clothes and colors that are very different from each other is the key to success;

The denim is an infallible ally for any type of style, even for the urban chic with sports clothes.

Urban inspirations: the must-have items
There are some garments that must necessarily become part of the wardrobe, to become a true trend setter in the urban environment. These garments can also be decidedly low cost: there is no rule that requires all clothes to be signed, the important thing is to create a sophisticated stylistic contrast .

One of the must-haves of the urban chic style is definitely the hooded sweatshirt , better if oversized. Some love wearing it as a dress, over plain-colored leggings or with flashy patterns. Others wear it over torn or skinny high- waisted jeans . Finally, there are also those who have paired it with a long black skirt, along with boots or ankle boots, strictly with a heel to slender the silhouette.

Another unmissable element among sportswear is the tracksuit pants , also known as track pants , with side bands that recall the iconic brand. In the past they were used mainly by teenagers, but now they are back in fashion for all generations. But how can they be combined? Simple, with a pair of high sneakers , but also with a pair of décolleté, better if combined with a denim jacket or a nail.

Finally you can opt for long sports dresses , with floral or striped weaves, perfect for a beach style that can also become very elegant, if accompanied by shoes with heels and a sophisticated make-up.