Some tips to choose the perfect clothing for indoor climbing

If you have decided to start practicing climbing, and have bought all the equipment needed to do it (maybe indoors, in the gym, before moving to the outdoor version, on the rock, for the more experienced), you will most likely still be there a detail to develop: what is the right clothing for this sport? Here are some practical tips to understand what to wear to climb in maximum comfort.

We assume that your intention is to practice climbing in the gym, then indoors. In this case, of course, you will not need to worry about it being rainy or too hot, nor to be careful about the temperature, so jackets against the cold and caps to protect you from the sun are superfluous. In choosing clothing, in fact, the general rule is only one: prefer comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

So, you won’t need anything too complicated. For women, a wide T-shirt is enough, preferably in breathable material, so as to allow better tolerance to sweating. Try anyway (and it is a rule that applies to both men and women) to choose a shirt even of a larger size, in order to ensure maximum comfort. Like trousers, shorts are great, guaranteeing maximum comfort. The only drawback is that you could risk scratching your knees or getting bruises on your legs due to contact on the wall. In this case, better to choose longer pants. Even normal suits are fine. Another option is yoga pants or leggings, with which you can move freely,